Branding, Icons, & Interactive Web

“Go2Grocery” is a conceptual app that aids in the process of grocery shopping. The user can create multiple lists and share them with others, enter and save recipes, find nearby stores, and search for coupons. This application is perfect for people living with a family or with roommates because it allows everyone to stay on the same page when it comes to what needs to be purchased for the kitchen. A simple, clean aesthetic along with a set of icons is used in the interface design to bring a sense of calm to the user while still having a sense of structure and organization. The shade of dark blue is easy on the user’s eye while the orange serves as a bright accent to keep the user engaged. Similarly, the use of the dark blue color and the sans-serif font selection is easily readable and simple, yet appealing. The prototype design of “Go2Grocery” was user tested and created in MarvelApp.com.

Logos & Icons

Final Flat Design

Interactive Prototype